Evaluation Criteria

Evaluation Criteria:
Weight Criteria Max Points Available
20% The proposal described a warranted need in Gilbert consistent with the Town’s nonprofit funding priorities, and describes a reasonable method to meet the need. 10
15% The proposed program is providing a unique way to meet or provide an unduplicated service in an area of need. 10
5% The proposal describes the type of staff, staff experience needed and volunteers utilized to successfully carry out the proposed program. 10
10 % The program is clearly marketed and accessible to Gilbert residents 10
15% The proposal explains how the program will be evaluated.  The outcome measures relate to the program activities. 10
10% The proposal indicated successful past performance or if not funded in the past, indicates services currently being provided to Gilbert or describes activities reasonable to deem the program will be successful. 10
10% The proposal clearly stated how requested Gilbert funds will be utilized to support the proposed program budget. 10
5% The proposal outlines how other  funds or resources are leveraged in support of the program  10
10% Overall evaluation of the program, the organization, and the service provided to Gilbert residents. 10