Evaluation Criteria

Evaluation Criteria: Only applies to Non-Profit Funding
Criteria Max Points Available
The program will address one of the priority populations identified in the 2019 Needs Assessment.  10
The proposal outlines how many years the program has been in operation either in Gilbert or serving Gilbert residents.   6
The proposed program describes how it will address an unmet need in the community.  10
The proposed program is providing a unique way to meet or provide an unduplicated service in an area of need.   6
The organization has strong collaborations with other organizations in the community.   6
The proposal has adequate staff and volunteers and board support to successfully carry out the program   5
The program is clearly marketed and accessible to Gilbert residents   7
The program outlines the criteria for receiving services and current demand of services.   5
The proposal explains the anticipated outcomes that support the need and have evaluation tools that measure the success of the program.    8
The proposal outlines successful past performance. If not funded in prior years, the new agency overview provides information that demonstrates the ability of the program to be successful.   7
The proposal clearly states how requested Gilbert funds will be utilized to support the proposed program.  10
The proposal outlines how other funds or resources are leveraged in support of the program and a plan for sustainability.  10
Overall evaluation of the program, the organization and the service provided to Gilbert residents.  10
  Total Points Available