Funding Priorities

In June 2014, Gilbert completed a Human Service Needs Assessment. The needs assessment identified nine priority populations that had the greatest need for additional services in Gilbert. The nine populations and their definitions are listed below in ranked order:

Priority 1: Families/Individuals in Crisis - Gilbert families experiencing stressors that put one or more family members in a dangerous situation requiring immediate support and emergency intervention to defuse the situation and restore a temporary level of stability to the family.

Priority 2: Mental Health and Substance Abuse Treatment Services - Gilbert individuals of all ages in need of either in- or out- patient mental health or substance abuse treatment services

Priority 3: Low/Moderate Income Individuals and Families – Gilbert residents whose annual household income is at or below 200% of the Annual Federal Poverty Threshold.

Priority 4: Elderly/Seniors – Gilbert residents over 62 years of age.

Priority 5: Homeless Individuals and Families – Those lacking a fixed, regular and adequate night-time residence and living in a shelter, temporary institutional residence or a public or private place not designed for a regular sleeping accommodation.

Priority 6: Special Needs Individuals – Persons experiencing chronic physical, mental, emotional or developmental impairment that results in marked and severe functional limitations.

Priority 7: Youth – Those under the age of eighteen.

Priority 8: Immigrants – Any non-citizen who is residing permanently in Gilbert; working, going to school and/or seeking work or an education or some combination of the two (within legal restrictions).

Priority 9: Culturally Diverse Individuals and Families – individuals of ethnicities other than Anglo and/or a non-traditional sexual orientation seeking an equality of representation and respect within the community.